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Advertising Partnership is proud to discuss having a (non-financial) reciprocal promotional partnership agreement with a few selective businesses currently located in the UK, USA, Canada & Europe.

Our business is about ‘Personalisation’. Being creativity at home or the office. Our design tool gives our customers the tools to produce home-made wrapping paper, utilising any type of printer on any suitable media.
Our advertising would suit, businesses who retail small to medium sized gifts, printer cartridges & printers.

This is a non-financial exchange of promotional partnership, so the expectation would to host similar size banner ads on each others active websites and or social media.

We have 3 types of banner sizes across 3 web-pages on Desktop & Tablet only, available on a rotational basis with our selective advertising partners over an agreed period of time.

Social Media promotion can also be discussed too. We currently have a presence on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram primarily.

All advertising banners will conform to a Horizontal banner template, Horizontal banner large or Tower banner template dimensions can be found on Canva.

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