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The Wrapp Post

🗓 June 2020

Extra mile for Father’s Day

With Father’s day coming around again quick, infact this year it is on Sunday 21st June!

Thanks to an American woman called Sonora Smart Dodd we celebrate this special day as she was inspired by Mother's Day celebrations so set it upon herself to plan a day to honour fathers too, the first being in June 1910. 

Never forget the date again! As a rule of thumb, Father’s day is celebrated mostly across all countries including Canada, USA & the UK, on the ‘third Sunday’ of June.

So to help celebrate we have put a few designs together for you to use - our own designs here, or create your own special wrapping paper from scratch.

Finally, once you have your design made and printed, share it with the rest of world using the social links below! We look forward in seeing them. heart

Show your dad you’ve gone the extra mile this Father’s Day

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