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The Wrapp Post

🗓 September 2019

Design a wow-factor in minutes

Creativity is within us all, whether that is choosing our furniture & decor for our house, or picking the clothes we wear. All require choice of style, whether that be simplistic or detailed.

So when it comes to producing a design using PrintWrapp it is worth noting these suggested tips.

  1. Decide on what you want to say! If it’s a birthday, do you want to state their name & age? Do you have a picture of the recipient?
  2. Pictures tell more than words. Place image in the background? Or as a floating image.
  3. We recommend no more than 3 pieces of design. This may include a mix of image, text, icons…

devilAnd if you want to save on ink, make sure you keep the background colour white! And if you wish choose a coloured paper to print-on instead!

Stuck for ideas? Let our Inspire Me section give you inspiration for you to utilise and adapt here!

Simplistic tools for maximum effect.

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