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The Wrapp Post

🗓 February 2021

Minimum ink, maximum impact

When you think of printing, you may think of the cost of ink?
Well, we have some simple tips around cost-effective printing.

  1. Solid background colour = lot’s of ink coverage.
    Solution. Use ‘coloured paper’ instead. For example, Valentines, instead of printing solid pink or red on the printer, choose a pink or red paper to print your design out with. Or use a combination of both!

  2. Too many Colours = using all colours in a printer cartridge.
    Solution. Use ‘contrast’ in your design. For example, black & white, or two-tone colour designs printed on plain white or coloured paper will make your design stand-out more.

  3. A busy design = a lot of print coverage on the sheet.
    Solution. Include more ‘white space’ in your design layout. For example, when finalising your design, keep a border of white space “Padding” to suit your needs.

  4. Printing = default printer settings.
    Solution. Visit your ‘Printer settings’ within your Printer setup. Most printers will give you a couple of options to select a 'Print Quality'. To get the best out of your printed designs please see our handy-tips here.

4 quick tips to get the most out of your Printwrapp design

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