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The Wrapp Post

🗓 January 2022

New Party Trend for 2022

Yes, Divorce parties - you’ve either heard of this term already or this is your first time.

For 2022 alternative bashes or parties are happening now, to celebrate what was once sad or stressful occasions are becoming more and more popular, including flying the nest parties to successful Adoption ones. So if you’ve had a bad break-up, break-out the cake!

What could be next? Celestial themed celebrations perhaps? And why not have a sunshine baby shower theme, or star-themed party decorated with Moon party decorations.

Why not set the next trend!

We can help of course, when it comes to that personal touch of wrapping paper, and once you have your design made and printed, share it with the rest of world using the social links below! We look forward in seeing them :)

It's official, Divorce parties are taking place

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