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The Wrapp Post

🗓 September 2019

The right tool for the job!

With a choice of mixed media to run through all domestic printers, you can be creative every time!

When we first started Printwrapp we wanted to make it fun & easy to produce wrapping paper instantly from your home or your place of work for wrapping special gifts!

If you have read our story you will have seen that we experimented with a range of different media when starting out including a range of papers, including vellum/tracing inkjet paper to print on.

With printer prices dropping and getting more advanced than a few years ago. Amazon offer a whole range from as little as £44.99 to £98.56 including a built-in scanner to aid further creative possibilities. As for printable media, you can run most A4 100 gsm material through all domestic printers, avoiding any laminated or media that can easily fold/tear or crinkle.

With printer cartridges also getting even more economical, you can now print like a pro!

enlightenedExperiment with different media. We always recommend printing on 100 gsm paper, recycled, plain or coloured! As long as it’s designed to go through your printer – trial and see what different results you can create!

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There are a wide range of mixed media to use through domestic printers including Vellum/Tracing inkjet paper.

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