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The Wrapp Post

🗓 September 2019

Too good to tear!

Imagine being asked to rip a beautiful piece of art? Or money? Its only paper at the end of the day, so could you do it?

We decided to test this question, by wrapping a gift in conventional, generic paper and a similar sized gift in personalised wrapping paper.

The reactions we noted was generic paper covering the gift wasn’t given any thought, the instant reaction was to tear open to see what was inside. Basic learnt behaviour from when we were young, so no surprises here. The same could be told for a gift-bag.

But when a gift was wrapped with a recognisable photo, or personalisation the recipient paused, and took the time to look at the wrapping before, carefully un-wrapping the gift! Some didn’t even tear the paper and instead un-peeled the tape holding the folds together!

We are creatures of habit, and by being different can really stand-out and create a different impact! The effort you put-in when giving & receiving a gift is a powerful experience.

So the next design you create do it with love! Make it too good to tear open!

Personalisation is ever more popular these days. Who doesn’t like to receive a personalised gift?

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