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The Wrapp Post

🗓 March 2021

Wrap your mum with love

Why should we celebrate mother’s day once a year? Surely it should be everyday of the year!

Well, did you know an American daughter named Anne Jarvis in 1905, wanted to celebrate her late mother’s death - it was also seen as an anti-war movement! Mothering Sunday was first celebrated in the UK around the 17th century, the tradition mainly involved visiting your 'mother' church and eating simnel cake with the carnation flower signifying purity, faith, love, beauty and charity having the most significance.

Never forget the date again! As a rule of thumb, Mother’s day is celebrated in Australia, Canada and the US on the 2nd Sunday in May and exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday on 14th March 2021 in the UK.

Use one of our designs here or create your own special wrapping paper for your mum!

Mothers day wrapping paper designs
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Mother's day has been around since the 17th century and observed by 40+ countries around the world.

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