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The Wrapp Post

🗓 August 2019

Wrapping paper that never disappears! state that not all materials that go into making wrapping paper can be accepted for recycling. Wrapping paper that is; laminated, dyed, and/or contains non-paper additives such as metallics, glitter, plastics etc all cannot be recycled.

Don’t forget to remove any sticky tape, decors such as bows & ribbons which is attached first to aid the recycle process! Paper that is recyclable can easily be checked by “the scrunch test”. If you can crumple it in your hand and stays crumpled it’s recyclable!© is unique, as it allows you to print on anything that you can run through a domestic printer at home or the office! All good print shops will also be able to help here too! Simply print-off more using your download at anytime!

enlightenedNo need to store unsightly rolls and rolls of crumpled-up ‘last years’ paper, wrap your special gifts with something new & personable! Start your design here!

Print from home or the office on any medium.

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